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About Rodzinka Ministry

Rodzinka means “little family” in Polish, and it is the name that St. John Paul II used for groups of college students and young adults who would get together to discuss and live out the faith. We have taken this model and applied it to your friends and family. There are great programs and classes that are done at the parish level, but we want to give an opportunity for people to come together to dive deeper into the faith and grow as the body of Christ. You can create your own group and follow the threefold format of faith, food, and formation. So sit back, relax, and let us help you bring the light of Christ to the comfort of your own "little family".

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Supernatural Virtue Podcast

The Supernatural Virtue Podcast strives to supplement the great formation you are receiving from your parish by helping you dive deeper into key teachings of the Catholic Church. We will help you understand faith, which as Catechism 153 states "Is a gift of God, a supernatural virtue infused by him." 

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